Essential Lemon Oil

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Description: Lemon Oil is the organic liquid present in small sacs (vesicles) located in the outer part of the peel (albedo) of Citrus Lemon.

Process: Extraction is performed applying the Brown system, by which the electronic Brown Oil Extractor (eBOE) liberates the essential oil from whole fruit with over three million sharp stainless steel points configured in the form of rotating rolls. The puncturing operation takes place beneath the surface of a shallow pool of water contained in the eBOE to assure that there is no loss of oil to the atmosphere. The eBOE ruptures oil cells and liberates the essential oil with minimum disruption to the whole fruit and negligible extraction of pectin from the water phase. Water separation is performed by centrifugation at room temperature. After extraction, the product gets cloudy as natural compounds develop a type of insoluble compound, generally called ”wax.” Dewaxing is performed by sedimentation in cold storage and later filtration. The entire process has been assessed and found to be in accordance with the requirements of the quality standards for ISO 9001 and HACCP awarded by Bureau Veritas Quality International.

Hygiene: The product is elaborated in accordance with the “General Principles of Food Hygiene” recommended by the Codex Alimentarius Commission.

Residues: Pesticides/Agro chemical residue standards comply with SENASA(Argentine), MERCOSUR, CODEX ALIMENTARIUS, FAO/WHO, EPA (USA) and EU rules, Positive List (Japan) and other country regulations, always complying with whichever regulation is most stringent.

Packaging: Suitable clean new metal drums lined with tin or epoxy resin. As an alternative, stainless steel drums could be used.

Marking: The side of each drum is clearly marked with the product designation, producer, country of origin, gross and net weight.

Kosher Certification: Kosher Lamehadrin, Pareve and Le Pesaj.

Storage Life: No less than 2 years when stored properly.

Product Safety: Material Safety Data Sheet is available upon request.