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The art and science of craveable flavors

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Full-service custom flavor suppliers

Trusted by both major beverage brands and emerging ones Citromax Flavors is recognized globally for our creativity, expertise and speed in developing and manufacturing citrus flavors, organic flavors, beverage flavors, essential lemon oil and more.


Crafting custom tastes from beverages to bakery.


Citrus Leaders

Vertically integrated - from our citrus orchards to our citrus oils.


Extract Technology

Advanced refinement and the CLEARMAX™ collection.

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“Flavors are the invisible storytellers of our experiences. They have the power to evoke memories, create emotions, and elevate the everyday.”
Elaine Kellman, VP of Flavors

We’ve spent a long time moving fast

And paying attention – to both our client’s needs and emerging trends. For 50 years our commitment to our craft has been matched only by our commitment to sustainability and quality.

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From the Lemon Grove to the Glass

Citromax has been vertically integrating its business based on a customer-centric approach with a core competency in citrus oils, oil blends, natural and organic oils, and flavorings.


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