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From the Lemon Grove to the Glass

Quality counts. Every drop of our citrus originates from our very own orchards, and our innovative CLEARMAX TM line elevates taste and aroma in versatile applications.


Vertically Integrated

For 60 years, Citromax has been vertically integrating its business based on a customer-centric approach with a core competency in citrus oils, oil blends, natural and organic oils, and flavorings.

Citromax Flavors is part of the Citromax family of companies, a global powerhouse in citrus fruit production. With more than 12,000 acres of lemon groves in Argentina, plus state of the art processing nearby, we process more than 180,000 tons of fruit each year.

We offer a comprehensive portfolio of citrus flavors, including lemon, orange, lime, and more. We provide both natural and organic products with unique and superior organoleptic qualities.

Superior Raw Materials & Citrus Expertise

Citromax became the 1st organic lemon producer worldwide and the 3rd largest lemon processor in the world. We have full control over the entire production process, allowing us to ensure consistent quality, optimize efficiency, and provide customers with unparalleled citrus products for their industrial needs.


Citrus Innovation & Technology

Processing and refinement performed with our state-of-the-art distillation equipment.

Our advanced analytical capabilities allow precise control over every component of our products, allowing us to quantify components in the parts-per-billion range.

Materials are constantly evaluated by our on-staff flavorists, chemists and applications experts to determine their best use for creating unique food, beverage and fragrance products.



A collection of decolorized citrus products made to increase aroma by removing the non-volatile components. CLEARMAX TM products can elevate the taste and aroma in any application.

The Collection includes:
Lemon Oil, Lemon Oil 5X, Lemon Terpeneless Oil, Lemon Sesquiterpeneless less Oil, Lemon Carbonyl Fraction, Lemon Acetate Fraction, Lemon Sesquiterpene Fraction, Orange Oil 5X, and Grapefruit Oil 5X.

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We provide the flavors that capture the taste nuances consumers are looking for in a wide range of product segments and categories.

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